1. Superior flavor & freshness

  2. The best-tasting milk you can buy.

  3. Family-owned & local

  4. When our products get to your table, they may be only a few hours old. Our products are available at several grocery stores and restaurants within a 25-mile radius of the farm. Buying local is good for the economy and the environment.

  5. Just our cows

  6. The milk comes only from the cows in our closed herd.

  7. No added hormones

  8. We do not inject our cows with rBST/rBGH.

Family member Beckett Hansen thinks our gallon jug is a convenient, single serving.

Why choose Hansen’s Farm Fresh Dairy?

  1. Pasteurized

  2. We use a high-temperature,
    short-time (HTST) pasteurization process to best preserve the natural flavor of the milk.

  3. Creamline milk -
    ‘Shake, shake, pour!’

  4. Homogenization breaks down the molecules of milk, which destroys its natural state. Our milk is non-homogenized. Some people with lactose intolerance say they can consume Hansen’s products with no ill effects. The cream rises to the top, so remember to shake well before serving.

  5. Sell-by date

  6. The date stamped on Hansen’s products is a sell-by date, not an expiration date.

Hansen’s Dairy Farm

8461 Lincoln Rd.

Hudson, IA 50643

(319) 939-2187

What’s new?


Yes, we still have our store at Kimball and Ridgeway ... just with a new exterior look! The store known as Moo Roo has new Hansen’s Dairy signage, and the building has a renovated facade. It’s still our store, with all the same great products ... but the change is so people will more quickly recognize what we sell! 

We hope you like our new look.

Hansen’s products recognized

Hansen's Dairy has been recognized statewide this summer for their ice cream, cheese curds and milk.

The Des Moines Register mentioned Hansen's Dairy cheese curds in their article "Iowa's growing cheese industry takes center stage."

The Hansen's Dairy Waterloo store was also featured as No. 6 on Travel Iowa's web site for "21 Cool Ice Cream Shops."

And for something new, we are joining with the Northeast Iowa Food Bank to provide fresh, nutritious milk to those in need. We are committed to donating 100 gallons of Hansen’s milk each week, and the Food Bank is committed to purchasing 400 gallons of Hansen’s milk each week. Together, we will help fight hunger in our community!